Friday 15 May 2020

The Pandemic (COVID-19) as a Spur for Digital Transformations | Ndidi Obinwanne

The Pandemic (COVID-19) as a Spur for Digital Transformations
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The COVID-19 global pandemic crippling economies and shutting livelihoods around the world is no longer news. In some climes, the situation which has persisted for months, have grounded activities to a total halt and in other climes, kept them barely functional.

As the science community grapples with developing a vaccine, the business community contends with the many ramifications it has posed on revenue generation, staff retention and simply staying a going concern.

In the coming months, more businesses will brace up for the challenging task of maintaining efficient operating models while keeping and/or cutting down costs. The question then is how? How do we keep a business afloat while consumers are unable to procure products and services as they normally would?

The answer stares us right in the face literally, after all, we are engaging with this content through a digital media. The journey to remain in existence, stay relevant and profitable will lead us to innovate and transform business processes faster than we’ve ever had to and many will doubt their ability to pull it off. Avoid the tendency to get stuck in analysis paralysis, constituting several meetings to discuss ways to keep the business afloat or reverting to old ways when the unfamiliar presents.

Change is constant and can help us transition into the next level where we’re able to create better products and services and drive better profitable growth for the organisation. This requires going through a journey of transformative proportions, welcoming the inclusion of “data-enabled services” into everyday operations.

While the pandemic rages, it may seem to be a short-term measure but it is imperative to think long term and see digital transformation as key to the future survival of the company. It is easy to assume that “thinking digital means thinking technology” but technology can be acquired yet leave you unable to transform your operations, processes or business outcomes.

The key is in our ability to adapt to an even more digital future, enhance next-generation skills and close the digital skills gap in order to be agile enough for a people-led and technology-supported system.

Instead of fear, become curious enough to nurture the ability to innovate within and without a crisis.

Author’s Bio:
Ndidi Obinwanne is a Digital Transformer, Brand Builder, Voice-Over Artist, Yogi and Writer. She is passionate about building sustainable solutions for the African continent.

With over 6 years working with local and international brands like BAT, Total Nigeria, British Council, NEM Insurance, Luscious by Lisa amongst others, her range of experience includes marketing communications - digital and traditional, brand building, brand management and digital transformation.

When she’s not selling any of the above propositions, you can find her on a yoga mat, reading a book or writing one. She works with Squad Digital Nigeria as a Client Success Manager.


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