Friday 19 January 2018

Youtube Monitization Policy, Winners and Losers

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It hit the digital space like a tornado when YouTube reviewed their monetising Policy and affected solely small creators which have less than 1000 subscribers and less than 4000 hours of watch time. This policy is set to kick off on 20th February 2017.

This policy means stricter rules for Creators who have been taking advantage of the YouTube AdSense which has allowed them to earn off YouTube.
YouTube created a platform that allows channel owners to benefit from the Ad spend of Advertisers.
As much as there is a lot of cries from the small creators via social media, It wasn't really a bad policy depending on whose lens you are wearing. The reality is that some people Won and sadly some lost.

Winners of Youtube's Partnership Program:

1. YouTube:

They are the obvious biggest winners. They own the platform, they call the shots. their policy is first beneficial to them as they are not an NGO. They probably did their Math behind scenes, looked at the projections in the future and took their actions

2. Big Channel Owners:

The big channels owners can fairly be said as people who have from 1000 followers and more than 4000 view time. Yes, people who clocked these figures exact or slightly have above this can really sigh deeply with relief, and thereafter brag a little. The big guns who naturally control lots of traffic like Online TVs, celebrities, Big creators  public figures, and Comedians remains untouched with their earnings

3. Advertisers:

Your guess is as good as mine when you consider advertisers. Advertisers are the ones who technically sponsor the things you see on youtube. They have a chance to be seen by a wider range of audience and therefore will only appear on youtube channels with more subscribers and more watch time views. More value for their money.

4. The YouTube Audience:

We know that channels that are creative and informative with content get rewarded with loads of traffic from the youtube Audience. Even now youtube's algorithm might only promote relevant content on the channels where advertisers would reach the audience. check the tweet below.


This is not really a competition but from the decisions that YouTube has taken, some class of people were affected.

1. Small Creators:

With YouTube distinguishing between where Ads will appear a and where it won't. Creators who don't get advertisement are now seen as small. They don't get traffic because of a lack of great content or low distribution of content. For which loads of them started doing a panic share sharing.

They probably would want to go to another platform to start up but YouTube is the biggest platform.

2. Aspiring Vloggers:

With Youtube's decision, a lot of people would be very cautious to go into opening their own channels perhaps they should have started a long time ago.

But not to worry we have given best tips on how to get YouTube views here. Follow the tips and flourish.

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