Friday 19 January 2018

How To Get More Youtube Subscribers and Viewers

Do you have less than 1000 followers on YouTube? if your answer is yes, it means you were affected by YouTube Monetization Policy.

While you feel very bad about the policy which is going to affect your AdSense income, You should forge ahead with a strategy to getting more than a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time.

Here we will be giving you tips on getting more than 1000 Subscribers for your Channel.

1. Content and Context:

Content is King It has to be, It must be as far as the digital world is concerned but context us the Kingmaker. Content is the quality of material you have in your video, while context is how you serve this content to your viewers.

Have you heard about R.Kelly's Ignition? chances are, you're more familiar with the remix than the original. The reason is the context! The same content but a different approach!

Your content might be great but maybe you are not rendering it in the right tone depending on the
 type of Audience you are serving

2. Catchy Title:

Chances are viewers search for videos via title especially tutorials and news videos. A catchy title does almost half the Job. Look for a suitable title for each of your video one that would stir the audience

3. Post Random Videos:

By Posting random videos on your channel especially when your target audience is finding it difficult to locate you. Whether its news or entertainment, just post you will hit a whole lot of people. Don't wait till you have the perfect camera and lighting.

4. Share on Reddit:

Now for a lot of you who have channels on a particular topic. This is the biggest Tip unveiled here. Post your videos on forums like NairaLand, Quora and Reddit. Pay special attention to
Secrets of posting:
1. Register on forums with a different name.
2. Go to rooms with exact topics or similar topics.
3. Post it as though you just found a solution to an issue.

5. Share everywhere:

If you had been so diligent in sharing your channel and links to videos all the time. You might have not been in the situation of begging people to subscribe. Take advantage of your Facebook friends, your twitter followers and of course your WhatsApp Group. Your WhatsApp group is an untapped goldmine of subscribers and viewers. Ask your viewers to share, like, comment and subscribe.

6. Think YouTube:

When you are to make any videos, don't think about any other channel to post it. Think of YouTube, and post there, then share the links to other channels, make sure your thumbnails and your title are very catchy.

7. Post Short Videos:

I can't overemphasise this enough. Nigerians watch Instagram because of its one-minute clips. also, Nigerians want to save data. So let your content be very direct, keep it short and simple.

8. Entice your Viewers:

Use a bait to get the rat, conduct a giveaway campaign solely for your YouTube channel. It could be recharge cards or little cash but let keep them on your channel.

If you apply these tips your YouTube channel will flourish.
please share to help others.

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