Wednesday 1 November 2017

Understanding Buyer Persona: Agege Bread Example

Even a local Agege Bread Seller has a Buyer Persona.

Why do You not have yours?

This is Digital Marketing the local way.

Do You buy the local bread? It has this lovely taste to it that defies the taste of the expressive and expensive loaves We buy in the supermarts and all. It has the 100naira, 150, 200 and maybe 250 Naira versions.

Now, the normal thing for any Bread retailer to do, is for her to buy different "versions" in the full hope that She'll sell all. But I was shocked today. I saw a Lady carrying only the 100 Naira Version. What went wrong?  Maybe She did not trust her marketing expertise and all.... I gave all the reasons I could and all...... Till I saw her spot. Her spot was in front of a Public Secondary school here in Lagos.

Then it dawned on Me. She had profiled her ideal Client and She knew just how much bread they could easily buy. That was ingenuity at it's best. I was sincerely amazed.

But wait!!! If she could get herself a buyer persona and work with it, what stops You from  getting yourself a buyer Persona for the product or service You wish to offer.

So many times, People think everything Digital is magic. But it's not. It's the same things You would practice traditionally that We ask that You practise online too.

My knowledge of the Buyer persona was re-inforced yesterday with the help of my Mentor Caroline Wabara when She taught Us that SEO is not useful until You identify your buyer persona.

  1. Well done Emmanuel, buyer persona is really important in digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a constantly changing world with new trends. I like the fact that digital marketing is here to stay because as long as the Internet remains, people will always sell and advertise online. I am a digital marketer too, let's share ideas. Check me out at TopYouGo Digital Marketing in Nigeria


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