Friday 22 September 2017


How many social media managers exist in Nigeria?
Is there a directory of credible digital experts in Nigeria?
Where can one find a gathering of digital experts or content creators?

All these questions contributed to inspiring Ized Uanikhehi (Principal partner; Evolve Press) to spear head the start of a community dedicated to gathering contemporaries and developing the digital media sector in Nigeria.
On Friday September 1, 2017 at office complex, Lagos, the first digital Media Practitioners Community in Nigeria – the DigiClan Community was launched. The event had in attendance prolific and leading digital media practitioners.

The vision of the Digi Clan Community is not to be an association, a Union or an organization, It is a community of people working in the same industry, committed to the growth of the Industry, to learn from each other, to collaborate, to foster networking between members, to Inspire growth in the Industry and set standards that will ensure that we all grow together.

The 2nd #DigiClan event held in Uyo on the 20th of September 2017 and subsequent events would be held  later in other states like Abuja, Enugu and Lagos  all within the year.

The Community's online Hub will be launched on the 20th of September, 2017. The Hub will be our online Hub and meeting place, where we can share case studies, ask questions, share challenges, input job requests, get Industry reports and many other opportunities.

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