Thursday 13 August 2015

Taking advantage of what people are TALKING about!


Straight Outta where?

You must have come across a handful of people with a tag/logo on their picture labelled "Straight Outta 'Somewhere' ", on various social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, BBM and Whatsapp Displays, etc. This is originally a campaign to publicize a movie titled "Straight Outta Compton" to be originally released on the 14th of August 2015. This campaign has actually gone viral and is a very brilliant idea from Universal/Comcast Corp. Well this is not the interesting part to me, what interests me is how one of the upwardly social, mobile network company in Nigeria is taking advantage of this to reach their audience.

Considering the audience talking about "Straight Outta Campaign", this is definitely one topic that also interests the airtel audience - the internet savvy, social oriented young adults and youth. Hence, they used it as an opportunity to connect and relate to their target audience by joining them in the straight outta campaign meme.  This is one clear example of how brands should use trending topics to their advantage.

Why you should do same?

Memes work: They are easy to create, fun and easily shared by friends, customers/clients and fans.

We all love to belong: Fans would better relate to brands that share the same believes as they do. If you talk about the same things, or better still share the same believes, you make them feel comfortable with your brand/business. Its your opportunity to create loyal or rather 'raving fans'. ;)

SO why would you not listen to what the people are saying and 'jump on it!'


So where are you Straight Outta?

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