Friday 28 August 2015

Selling Online: 5 Practical Steps To Selling Your Business On Social Media

Social media seems like the trend in the world at the moment.  Every business dreams of driving sales or at least a form of conversion or the other from social networks.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on how it is done, when it is done and why it is done.
If your major reason for taking your business online is to sell, it is a totally wrong move and you may end up frustrated by the little or no response you get from social media.

Here are practical steps to selling yourself online

1. Add value, for free.

Everybody  likes freebies. The easiest way to gain people's  (strangers) trust is to give value  for free. Solve problems, start conversations around people's problems. If you can help, do it and do it fast.

2. Be Social

What is the probability of your following a brand/business online? What gets you interested  in the content they share? Being social is  attractive.  Giving your business a professional yet friendly  presence is key. People want to relate to know their are people behind your brand who they can connect with.

3. Follow People

Find the influencers in your industry  and follow them. Some fans will request for a follow back, I don't  see why not! This makes your fans feel appreciated.

4. Be genuinely interested in your fans

People can sense when you genuinely care and when you are faking it. What does it cost you to show interest in your fans well-being?  This is perhaps the most important step in selling your brand online. Showing interest in your fans will gradually help you win their trust and then loyalty. Once they convert, it is easier to sell to them because they already have faith in you.

5. Selling

Never hard sell on social media. Take step by step process to help your potential customer through his/her buyer's journey. People will naturally buy from a brand they have come to build a relationship with over time. This tactic appeals to the emotions of the customers so they commit and make actual purchase.

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