Friday 7 August 2015

My Typical Day As A Social Media Manager

More often than not, I get "that look" from people when I tell them I am a social media manager. If you are an account manager, I'm pretty sure you are familiar with  " so you get paid to chill all day on Facebook". 

For the sake of those who don't know, Social Media Managers do a lot more than "chilling on social media!"

Here is what my typical day looks like;

4:30 am : My alarm goes off! I snooze a couple of times till 4:45 am. By this time I am fully awake.

5:30 am : In between 4:30 am and 5:30 am, I prepare for work and ready to step out. In between dressing up, I check on my social networks to see if I need to attend to anything urgently.

6:00 am: At work scheming through emails and scheduling my post.

7:30 am: Some of us can't get through the day without a bit of coffee. In between coffee and scheduling content, I check my page manager to keep up with my social accounts.

Then the day gets really busy. I tick off tasks on my to-do list as I complete them. Scheduling posts on publishing tools, Skype meetings or on site meetings with clients, listening and responding with listening tools, responding to emails in between, scanning for news, stalking Twitter trends, Tweeting and Retweeting, lunch and everything work.

....5:00 pm, the craziness starts to slow down, my check list probably has one or two to-do items. emails to respond to, more posts to schedule.

6:30 pm : Packing my bags and getting ready to leave work. Checking on my social media pages as Ii go down the stairs.

8:30 pm : Shower and then dinner  while checking my social media pages, possibly laughing at  hilarious comments or responding to urgent inquiry.

10:00 pm: Bed calls. I lie in bed to watch TV while I still use my phone to keep up with social media!


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