Thursday 13 August 2015

5 Killer Secrets To Becoming A Better Social Media Manager

Does the image above reflect your typical day? So much work to do in so little time?
That was me some months ago till I discovered the secret to better "Me Management"!.

Social Media Management can be overwhelming, especially if you manage several accounts for different brands. I used to work round the clock and at the end of the end get frustrated at the poor results I get.

Here are my top killer ways  to a more relaxed working experience as a social media strategist.

1. Plan Ahead

This cannot be overemphasized. I plan my content ahead of time. This helps me reduce the pressure and workload I have to deal with during the day. Although some unplanned activities surface once in a while, but I am able to handle them easily.

2. Schedule Content

Monitoring tools for publishing and listening free up at least 35% of  my day to focus on other things. Creating content calendar ahead of time saves a lot of time.

3. Know Your Audience

Knowing your target market helps create a winning social marketing strategy. What is the best time to post on social media?  Where are your fans and what are they talking about? All these information will help achieve a clear cut social media plan.

4. Learn The Rules

Knowing the Dos and Dont's of social media is essential. It reduces  worrying over acceptable standards. Learn the brand guidelines, and brand tone of voice of the brands you are managing. 

5. Follow Social Trends

Jumping on major social trends can  boost social engagement by 100% in a short time span. However, be sure what you jump on fits perfectly with your  brand guidelines.

What else do you do to get better? Comment below!

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